The All Important Budget

Before we could even consider hosting an exhibition of this calibre we had to find funding and it wasn’t as hard as we envisaged.  The exhibition idea was so exciting and of course new.

Our main objective was to secure funding from FEAST,  Cornwall community arts funded by the arts council to take art to more rural areas and promote it within the county.

£1000 secured as long as we could match fund it.  This was made possible with a grant of £500 from the Blanchminster Trust ( a Bude charity which supports the whole community ), £225 from the councillors community chest, a donation of £20.

We also received £1175 in kind from Tate St Ives.  No money was exchanged but this is the value put on the advice and support we received and the curators panel discussion which was held during the exhibition.


  • FEAST                                                             £1000
  • BLANCHMINSTER TRUST                           £500
  • COMMUNITY CHEST                                    £225
  • DONATION                                                        £20

SUBTOTAL                                                           £1895

(£1175 in kind from the Tate meant we had easily raised the amount to match fund and this was very acceptable to FEAST given the project.)

TOTAL                                                                 £3070

We had to provide an estimated budget for FEAST and this helped us to see exactly where the money was needed and where it would be going.  Chris had several emails and conversations as well as visits with the Royal Cornwall Museum and we discussed the budget at our regular meetings.

Here is the final budget, on the left what we estimated and on the right the actual costs.

PROJECT                                                                             ESTIMATED           ACTUAL

Transport and installation by RCM                                 £600                        £500

RCM Schools workshops x4                                              £500                         £600

Advice From Tate                                                                £800                          £800

Curators Panel Discussion                                                £375                          £375

Marketing/Promotion                                                         £200                          £162

Preview/celebration expenses                                         £150                           £20 (note below)

Printing, Labels, Interpretation, Sundries                     £181.84                     £186.52

Frames and Wrap                                                                £400                          £350.18

________                    ________

TOTAL                                                                                  £3206.84                  £2993.70

________                  ________

For the celebration and preview we approached local businesses and Morrisons kindly donated two boxes of wine and some juice, whilst Sainsburys gave us a £20 gift card to buy extra beverages.

(the above figures are liable to slight change as we sold some framed work and returned a small amount of materials, but is as accurate account as far as possible at this stage)


One Day to Go before the Preview

Frances and Heather choose a quote to fill a gap. Later children’s work will fill the spaces.
There are four paintings that need very low light levels so the window shutter was closed in this room and the special gallery lights turned off. No art works could be placed on a wall that had a radiator.
We are so grateful to Michael and his helper who travelled from the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro with the artworks and worked hard all day to put them on the walls of the two galleries.
All the artworks look wonderful and the labels are all in place.
We hope this chart will help us in making our evaluation of the exhibition.
We drew inspiration from Tate St Ives in creating the I Spy Your Art sheet which shows small details from artworks in the exhibition. On the back are the questions we hope visitors will answer to help us with our evaluation. The sheet is posted into a draw.
Here is another interactive activity. Jacqui is hanging one of the five question sheets. Visitors write their thoughts and place them behind the sheet where they can read the thoughts of other visitors. Two of them have thoughts that the artists have emailed to us.
The laminated booklets containing additional information about many of the artists are ready.
So are the Quest questions. We hope visitors will select questions that will help them to reflect on the artworks.

The Promotion of Your Art: Cornwall’s Treasures brought to you by the Look Group Bude

It was important that we tapped into the experience of our contacts at Tate St Ives, The Castle, our venue and The Royal Cornwall Museum from whom we were loaning the artworks and FEAST our main funder so all copy was sent to them before publication. We are very grateful for all their time and support.


jpeg for FEASTWith special thanks to AW and KS our supporters at the Castle and BAAM (Bude Arts and Music) we published our first poster with all the necessary logos.

We sent our first press release to local village magazines, free advertisers and local newspapers.


Look Group Events
Our Events Poster

A letter was sent to the schools in the area with details about all the events asking for their support by informing parents.

A second press release was sent to village magazines, free advertisers, local newspapers and even more newspapers and magazines.

What about the fundraising?


Letters were sent to the Bude-stratton Town Council, the Blanchminster Trust, the local MP, our County Councillors, Morrison’s, Waitrose and a local businessman.

Initial feedback is encouraging.

23rd September Hooray! Our application for a grant from FEAST has been accepted – now we have to find the matched funding!

The Special Projects Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary have their signatures verified at the bank and leave the application for a Community Organisation Bank Account.

Two of us attend an interview with a panel of Trustees from the Blanchminster Trust.


Good news! now  we can buy four workshops from Royal Cornwall Museum Learning Team as we have funding from the Blanchminster Trust. The workshops will be for the first four schools to book with the Learning Team at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

Members of the Look Group are contacting local businesses, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose as well as Morrison’s to seek financial assistance. Between us we need enough wine and juice for the Preview and Celebration and a contribution towards the frames that we need to display the work children produce in the workshops.

Now we have a bank account number I can apply for a Cornwall Councillors’ Community Chest Grant.


Justine, on behalf of Sainsbury’s, hands a cheque to Chris Edwards, Voluntary Coordinator of Bude Look Group
  • We have refreshments for the Preview and Celebration! Morrison’s are providing us with some wine and juice , Sainsbury’s has given us a cheque towards the costs of refreshments and we have had a donation from a local businessman.
  • We now have grants from FEAST, Blanchminster, Bude-stratton Town Council and Cornwall Councillors Community Chest –all according to plan. Now we can buy transparent removable adhesive labels for the walls of the Willoughby and Blanchminster galleries at the Castle, A3 frames for displaying children’s art and materials for mounting work for the browsers. We have ordered flyers for promoting the events and invitations for the previews.

The pace quickens…

More key dates:

12th September: we join forces with Bude Arts and Music (BAAM) who kindly offer support in administrative tasks and promotion through their ebulletins; another logo will be added to our communications along with The Castle, Tate St Ives, RCM and Cornwall Council.

13th September: I send the draft Constitution to everyone and am delighted to have received wonderful support from our Secretary (Special projects) in its revision.

15th September: throughout August and September we have been working on the application for a small grant from FEAST* and the budget in particular. J S at Tate St Ives and S and L at RCM have been so supportive! Today we met the deadline for the FEAST application!

Bude Look Group will:

  • Make the curatorial decisions; provide introductions to the works and interactive materials that will support visitors’ appreciation of influential artists
  • Invigilate the exhibition and encourage visitors to engage in the art 
  • Invite teachers to bring parties of children to visit the exhibition, work in the galleries and possibly combine their visit with a visit to the Heritage Centre.
  • Offer schools workshops, run by the Learning Team of Royal Cornwall Museum, that allow children to produce work in response to the works of art on display.
  • Display children’s work produced in the workshops alongside the linked art works for the duration of the exhibition
  • Hold an exhibition preview, a Tate St Ives led discussion afternoon, a Christmas holiday workshop for children, and a concluding celebration of the outcomes of the exhibition to which the communities of Bude and its surrounding area will be invited. 

16th September now we have our Constitution, we begin the process of opening a charity bank account.

Friday 19th September I visit L at RCM to view the wonderful Cornwall Council Schools’ Art Collection. Unfortunately no definitive selection could be made but I viewed the permanent collection in the museum so recognise the ones we cannot have. We are full of anticipation… How many would we be able to have? Which ones will need to remain as they need restoration? Which ones are so precious that they should not be risked for the journey? I leave L with a copy of our scale plan of the two galleries plus photos and measurements of the exhibition spaces. We share a list of questions that will help clarify details about the workshops for schools and how we can help provide a working space conducive for the children. L promises to let us know the art that we can choose from. We all wait with bated breath!

*Cornwall Arts Centre Trust is the accountable body which is legally responsible for delivering the FEAST programme. FEAST has been developed in partnership with Cornwall Council and there is also a FEAST Advisory Group to provide creative sector expertise. FEAST is funded by Arts Council England South West and Cornwall Council.

So the pace picks up…

Early in August J S Assistant Learning Curator: Look Groups made contact with the curatorial team at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro and we had the go-ahead to show art works from the Cornwall School’s Art Collection. I drafted a proposal for the Group to amend and shared it with A W at the Castle and with J S. The artist due to exhibit at the castle prior to us, kindly agreed to finish a day early so that RCM could install the paintings on Friday 19th December.

Bude Look Group Aims

    • To make the work of internationally renowned artists accessible to remote communities in North Cornwall
    • To engage school children with influential pieces of artwork from a range of artists through inviting schools to visit and promoting the workshops relating to the art on display
    • To raise awareness of the Cornwall Schools’ Art Collection by inviting teachers and schools to the galleries
  • To promote The Castle, Bude as a centre for art in North Cornwall and raise the profile of its Heritage Centre and Limelight Café
  • To encourage intergenerational and cross-community collaboration in hard to reach communities
  • To promote opportunities for collaborative working between Cornwall’s cultural institutions, Cornwall Council, and local communities

On 16th August we called a special meeting of Bude Look Group at the Castle Limelight Café, to discuss: the draft proposal and application for a grant to FEAST; the timeline and delegate roles; transport for a visit to the RCM; and to measure the gallery space. From then on it was BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Here are some key dates:

1st September: the proposal was sent to RCM, Castle, Tate St Ives

8th September: Look Group Meeting –We shared images of the CC Schools’ Art Collection and used questions to stimulate discussion, trialling some of the ideas we had for encouraging viewers to interact with the exhibition. We also began to formulate teams and roles. We now had a Marketing and Promotion Team and began to determine a timetable of volunteers to invigilate the exhibition but what were we going to call it?


Your Art – celebrating Cornwall’s art collection

at the Willoughby and Blanchminster Galleries, the Castle, Bude

21st December 2014 – 29th January 2015.