Your Art Children’s Holiday Workshop Monday 29th December led by Christine, Jan and Chris

We divided into 2 groups

Louise McClary; (c) Louise McClary; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Up the Creek by Louise McClary Cornwall Council Schools Collection

This group was inspired by Louise McClary’s Up the Creek

After looking around the exhibition we asked the children to focus on the two paintings that we had selected to stimulate their creativity and asked them to choose the one they found the most inspiring.

Henry, Amalie, Dylan, Thomas and Alfie decided that they would like to work with Louise McClary’s ‘Up the Creek’ because they liked the forms and the colours.

Henry and Thomas
Paintings by Henry and Thomas

We discussed primary colours and the colours that could be made from mixing them.

painting by Dylan

They considered bridges and viaducts they had seen and why the artist had wanted to depict a dismembered head.

We looked at wooden African heads to make a comparison.

Painting by Alfie

Louise’s e-mail explaining her intentions was read leading to speculation about the emotions the painting evoked.workshop 3


Fishing Boat 1966 by Alan Lowndes
Fishing Boat 1966 by Alan Lowndes Cornwall Council Schools Art Collection

This group was inspired by Alan Lowndes Fishing Boat

What can you see?

Chloe, Tai Lea, Taryn, Julia and Chris who led the workshop talked about

  • the simple shapes of boat and pier

    Painting by Taryn
  • their dark outline and how other famous artists like Van Gough have used bold flat shapes separated by dark outlines (cloisonnism)
  • mixed colours both light, medium and dark
  • we looked at how much sea and sky there was and where the most important bits of the picture were placed (the golden composition)
Julia age 7 from Holland
Painting by Julia “The boat is fishing at night because that is when the fish come out of hiding.”

How can this help us with our own painting?

  • We used viewfinders and looked at the sea from the café to select simple shapes
  • We thought about thirds (golden composition) when determining the horizon and main shapes
  • We used oil pastels for outlining shapes, some lights and darks
  • We looked at Lowndes fishing boat, a model and photos to see the curves and how the boat seemed to be moving through the water
  • Finally we wet the paper and used watercolour to mix pale and darker colours
painting by Chloe
Tai Lea 2
Painting by Tai Lea

Didn’t they do well!


The Preview


The preview was held on Sunday 21st December, the opening day of the exhibition. Everyone was welcome and lots of invitations were extended to many community groups as well as friends and family and those interested in the arts, such as followers of Bude Arts and Music (BAAM)

Left To Right, Look Group Members, Heather, Chris, Val, Chris, (Jeannie @Tate St Ives), Chris, Jan, Jacqui.
Left To Right, Look Group Members, Heather, Chris, Val, Chris, (Jeannie @Tate St Ives), Chris, Jan, Jacqui.

Kind donations were made by Sainsburys and Morrisons and a family member to allow us to buy wine and other refreshments.