The All Important Budget

Before we could even consider hosting an exhibition of this calibre we had to find funding and it wasn’t as hard as we envisaged.  The exhibition idea was so exciting and of course new.

Our main objective was to secure funding from FEAST,  Cornwall community arts funded by the arts council to take art to more rural areas and promote it within the county.

£1000 secured as long as we could match fund it.  This was made possible with a grant of £500 from the Blanchminster Trust ( a Bude charity which supports the whole community ), £225 from the councillors community chest, a donation of £20.

We also received £1175 in kind from Tate St Ives.  No money was exchanged but this is the value put on the advice and support we received and the curators panel discussion which was held during the exhibition.


  • FEAST                                                             £1000
  • BLANCHMINSTER TRUST                           £500
  • COMMUNITY CHEST                                    £225
  • DONATION                                                        £20

SUBTOTAL                                                           £1895

(£1175 in kind from the Tate meant we had easily raised the amount to match fund and this was very acceptable to FEAST given the project.)

TOTAL                                                                 £3070

We had to provide an estimated budget for FEAST and this helped us to see exactly where the money was needed and where it would be going.  Chris had several emails and conversations as well as visits with the Royal Cornwall Museum and we discussed the budget at our regular meetings.

Here is the final budget, on the left what we estimated and on the right the actual costs.

PROJECT                                                                             ESTIMATED           ACTUAL

Transport and installation by RCM                                 £600                        £500

RCM Schools workshops x4                                              £500                         £600

Advice From Tate                                                                £800                          £800

Curators Panel Discussion                                                £375                          £375

Marketing/Promotion                                                         £200                          £162

Preview/celebration expenses                                         £150                           £20 (note below)

Printing, Labels, Interpretation, Sundries                     £181.84                     £186.52

Frames and Wrap                                                                £400                          £350.18

________                    ________

TOTAL                                                                                  £3206.84                  £2993.70

________                  ________

For the celebration and preview we approached local businesses and Morrisons kindly donated two boxes of wine and some juice, whilst Sainsburys gave us a £20 gift card to buy extra beverages.

(the above figures are liable to slight change as we sold some framed work and returned a small amount of materials, but is as accurate account as far as possible at this stage)


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