The Final Celebration

The last day of the exhibition has arrived and it’s been a busy one.  Many schools have visited through the workshops or on their own and today two made a last minute visit as well as Falmouth Look Group who made the journey to take a look and indeed stayed on for the final celebration.

Your art celebration (14)

The idea of the celebration was to mark the end of the exhibition after all the workshops had been completed and children had the opportunity to come back with their parents.  It also gave Bude Look Group a time to come together with the staff from Bude Castle and other people involved to give thanks and celebrate the fruition of all the hard work

Special thanks was given to Marine, a young french girl who was staying with one of the Bude Look Group members to improve her french and she volunteered her time to sit in and invigilate the exhibition for more than half of its entirety .

Your art celebration (15)

A highlight was the appearance of Brian Hanscomb who made the draw . The ispy sheets enabled us to collate information about the visitors to the exhibition and in thanks for doing this, their sheets were put into a draw, the prize of which was a visit for 4 to Tate St Ives and Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden.



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