Royal Cornwall Museum Workshops Number 3 & 4, 29th January, 2015

Four workshops were funded by the group through our fundraising and grants. This allowed the Royal Cornwall Museum to send their workshop leaders up to us in Bude. Most of their normal school workshops are held at the museum itself, so this was a new experience for all.

Today it was the turn of Bude Infants School in the morning and Kilkhampton Primary School in the afternoon.

The caretakers at Bude Castle and Heritage Centre prepared the rooms with work tables and Susannah and Jane brought the materials they needed, which included clipboards for the children to work from and various media including pencils, coloured pencils, wax crayons aqua crayons, metallic pastels and oil pastels.

After a general discussion the children were split into groups and went around the paintings with a discussion sheet and placed the words they thought most suited the work. This gave them a language built around art speak as well as making them think about how the artwork made them feel.

Their own pieces of work were well thought through and they were allowed to choose the one they wanted to work from collecting the pens and pencils of their choice into slip folder bags which kept it all really organised and tidy.

Photos of Bude Infants School who attended in the morning session.

In the afternoon Kilkhampton Primary School arrived delivered by an army of parents .

At the end of the workshop, approx 1 1/2 hours, the work of all the children was displayed on boards which were left for the duration of the exhibition and the final celebration.


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