Children’s Holiday Workshop 2 Led by Christine and Jan

Jan and Christine introduction to workshop 2
Beach 2 by James Van Hear was introduced by Jan and Christine without sharing the title.
(c) Dr Nicholas Van Hear (son); Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Beach No 2, by James Van Hear 1922-91


Several said no and guessed plastic, glass, wood and clay. We talked about hard shiny materials and one child nearest the label shouted copper. Three of the children knew this was metal.

Introduced the task of making a collage using different papers and cloth.

Most of the children had made a collage in the past and one child explained it very well.

What can you see?

One boy thought it was washing on a line with the sky behind.  I’d never considered that idea but it’s a good one.  Three others agreed but the rest thought it was a beach scene with clothes drying.  We briefly discussed the absence of figures. arranging shapes on the beach

The children arranged a towel,  costumes etc. on the floor. 

(c) DACS; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
Figure by Roger Hilton Cornwall Council Schools Art Collection

Figure by Roger Hilton







Explanation of static and dynamic with everyone demonstrating the difference through frozen stances and actions.

The children chose between collage or painting. 

Didn’t they do well!


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