One Day to Go before the Preview

Frances and Heather choose a quote to fill a gap. Later children’s work will fill the spaces.
There are four paintings that need very low light levels so the window shutter was closed in this room and the special gallery lights turned off. No art works could be placed on a wall that had a radiator.
We are so grateful to Michael and his helper who travelled from the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro with the artworks and worked hard all day to put them on the walls of the two galleries.
All the artworks look wonderful and the labels are all in place.
We hope this chart will help us in making our evaluation of the exhibition.
We drew inspiration from Tate St Ives in creating the I Spy Your Art sheet which shows small details from artworks in the exhibition. On the back are the questions we hope visitors will answer to help us with our evaluation. The sheet is posted into a draw.
Here is another interactive activity. Jacqui is hanging one of the five question sheets. Visitors write their thoughts and place them behind the sheet where they can read the thoughts of other visitors. Two of them have thoughts that the artists have emailed to us.
The laminated booklets containing additional information about many of the artists are ready.
So are the Quest questions. We hope visitors will select questions that will help them to reflect on the artworks.

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